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October 2020
EU Server:
Game Background

When sailing technologies expanded, men have gone into discoveries of places unexplored so far. During this race of discovery, you, Ship Captain, made a discovery that will forever change your fate ! After years of searching, you’ve finally found it… The Bermuda Triangle. Despite many warnings of your crew, you can not give up and decide to rush through… You wake up in a unknown place, your compass got crazy, you’ve lost your marks, and yet this world seems like yours. After some time, you begin to understand what happened to you : the Bermuda Triangle gives access to a new world but it’s not the only gateway. Indeed, you come across people you’ve already heard about in your History lessons, and seen in movies. You’ve even come across a character drawn with coloured pencils ! There you are in this new world craving for discoveries and learning. Your journey begins and you prepare to brave any danger…because let’s be honest, the monsters have found that gateway to this world too !