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EU Server:

CBT opening

Time: 2016-11-01 10:47

Dear Players,


We are excited to launch Close Beta on Wednesday November 02, 2016 at UTC+2 00:00am. Close Beta will last for 5 days and finish on Sunday November 06, 2016 at UTC+2 11:59 pm.(close time is under discussion)

Please note that after the CB ends, all data on the CB server will be cleared.


We have prepared a special top up event for you, details are listed below.


Players who topped up in Closed Beta will receive a total 200% Diamond rebate in Open Beta!

Rebates are divided into two parts.

The first rebate, 100% of total top up diamond in CB, will be sent to you directly via ingame mail when you first log on OB.

The second part is a bonus rebate pool with 100% of total top up diamond in CB. Players can get the same amount of bonus diamonds from the rebate pool when top up in OB. This rebate will last till the last diamond is withdrawn from the pool. Maximum one time rebate cannot exceed the amount topped up in CB.

For example, if you topped up 200 diamonds in CB, you immediately get 200 diamonds in OB when you first log on plus a bonus rebate pool of 200 diamonds. If you top up 50 diamonds in OB, you can get 50 diamonds plus 50 extra diamonds from the pool. If you top up 300 diamonds instead, you can get 300 plus 200 extra diamonds from the pool.

Please note that this rebate is not counted into VIP EXP, and only applies to OB Server 1. Player needs to use the SAME ACCOUNT in both Close Beta and Open Beta, in game character name can be different.